Episode 9 Special Guest Houses of Parliament, Artist In Residence Scarlett Crawford

Special Guest, Artist Scarlett Crawford. Scarlett is an Artist Educator and Artist In Residence at the Houses of Parliament. She tells us why she was commissioned to examine the effects of the 1965, 1968 & 1976 Race Relations Acts, and what she learnt from working with the mixed race communities nationally, on this huge project. 

Also, the Hair Salon and Beauty Supply Store As Sacred Spaces, Dido Belle: Britain’s mixed race aristocrat, book reviews - The Fire On High' Author Elizabeth Acevedo & Well Read Black Girl: Finding our stories, discovering ourselves by Gloria Edim, Shade Parenting - with The Conscious Kid and blocking our extended family on Facebook to protect our mixed race kids, Brown Point Ballet Shoes Arrive, 200 Years After White Ones and our mixed mogul of the episode, winner of the 2019 Ted Hughes Prize, Raymond Antrobus

Episode 8 There Ain't No Black In The Union Jack


Prof. Paul Gilroy awarded the Holberg Prize 2019 for his work in critical race studies, BAME community and eating disorders, Born A Crime Trevor Noah, The Loving Generation, Parenting Advice, Black Art at Musee D'orsay, It's n to about the Burqa Muslim women on faith, race and sexuality, Daughters of Africa Margaret Busby and more

Episode 7

SPECIAL GUEST PLAYWRIGHT LINDA BROGAN. Linda is the curator of the Whitworth Gallery new show ‘Excavating the Reno.’ The Reno was the Moss Side nightclub frequented by the local mixed race community during the 70’s and 80’s. Linda brought together the community and visitors of the club, for a huge excavation project in conjunction with the Whitworth, and has produced the most amazing show. She tells us how she managed this huge feat, and why it was so important to do so. Plus, what is it like growing up mixed race in the UK? A new play expresses some home truths. 

How Dating Apps Made Me Think Differently About The Colour Of My Skin, 

Talking Race With Young Children, Good Morning Britain weatherman explains why he interrupted knife crime debate, Author Karyn Parsons Is Not Here for Your Labels, White Best Friend Letter - Rachel De-Lahay,  New interracial couple emoji mark victory for partners of colour, A mixed race Suffragist’s Story from the Jim Crow South and navigating hegemonic monoraciality in a White supremacist heteropatriarchal society.

Episode 6

Representation in advertising news, feat. same sex bi-racial couple in new phone ad.

Nottingham has the largest multi-racial demographic in the UK. In celebration of inter-racial love in the city, The New Art Exchange hosts 'The Colour of Love exhibition' this month. Photography - Power & Privilege, Students of colour and safe spaces in Vice by photographer KaylaReefer. Manchester's mixed race nightclub of the 70's 'The Reno' is brought back to life by locals and playwright Linda Brogan. More news from The Metro's 'mixed-up' series, Loyle Carner & Jorja smith's new collab, and shoutouts to our fave political mixed race artists of the week - ODIE embroidery artist from New Orlean's and British illustrator and painter Nadia Akingblue!

Episode 5

Hair! New York's recent black hair guidelines, plus Shade stories on 'My white family couldn't handle my afro, so they cut it short', shocking updates on the Jussie Smollett case inc. it's possible affect on real cases of discrimination, BBC's 'Soon Come - A Windrush Chronicles', English Heritage awarding Bob Marley, Vogue Brazil's fashion director resigning over her 'party' slave imagery, Duchess of Sussex decolonising the curriculum, and why people keep messing up when it comes to talking about BAME issues online