Copy of Episode 9 Guest Photographer & Curator of Photographers of Colour Aaron Turner

Guest Photographer and Curator of Photographers of Colour Aaron Taylor, talks about his series 'Isolated Truths' - portraits of people of the Appalachia Region of the Staes, who identify as mixed African American, Native American and European American. His 'Black Alchemy' series approaches the uses of identity, racial passing, the historical archive and the studio, while also thinking about the black artist as subject. He shares thoughts on the current 'trend' for auction house and galleries to acquire Black Art, and also the works of the photographers he most admirers

Episode 8 Guest Harvard Researcher Nadia Craddock on Colourism

This week I chat with Nadia Craddock. Nadia has a first class degree in Psychology from the University of Bath and a Masters in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard. She is a PhD candidate at the Centre for Appearance Research, exploring whether big business can foster positive body image. She has contributed to various publications including Gal Dem, has recently chaired a live public debate with Professor Bryn Austin and Jameelia Jamil for Harvards Chan Public Health Dept. We talk today about her collaborative research with Dr Aisha Phoenix on Colourism

Episode 7 Guest Nels Abbey Author 'Think Like a White Man'

Guest Author Nels Abbey. Nels was a banker for BlackRock, before he choose writing as his discipline of choice as a tool for highlighting and challenging racism. His bestselling book ‘Think Like a White Man’ takes a satirical look at the structures of racism within the workplace, and is published by Canongate.

Episode 3 Guest Scarlett Crawford Artist Educator & Houses of Parliament Artist in Residence

Scarlett Crawford Scarlet’s photographic work examines the semiotics of race and class by creating images that try to portray narratives of the under represented and interrogate power structures. To mark the introduction of the Race Relations Acts in 1965, 1968 and 1976, the Parliaments Speakers Advisory Committee on Works of Art has commissioned artist Scarlett Crawford to undertake a residency to create work with communities across the UK that were impacted by the introduction of the early race discrimination legislation.